Hi, I’m Benoît, a 24-years-old web developer & designer from Switzerland.

I’ve always been passionate about one thing: creation. I like building things, greatly and with purpose. This might be the reason I started crafting websites around 2001.
I began with some kind of generator, changing colors here and there, but I quickly felt limited. So I moved to Macromedia Dreamweaver® and from the visual editor to the code, I wrote my first lines of HTML and CSS. It didn’t take so long to discover PHP and make my first MySQL database.


Today this aspect of my work has been set aside to focus on the origins: knowing as many CSS specificities as possible — this language is way more complex and powerful than most people think — and using HTML with semantics and accessibility in mind.

I like being efficient, staying up-to-date with technologies to gain time and enhance my knowledge. That is why I opted for Sass and Compass in my daily projects, in addition to an OOCSS approach.

I’m currently working as a front-end developer at Liip, a Swiss-based Agile web developement company.
Working on some side projects for my friends and myself is essential. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and taking pictures sometimes.

Born in the mountains, I love nature, growing dozens of plants at home. Owls and jellyfish are my cuties. Architecture, industrial design and colors inspire me.